A new concept of
Digital Signal Processors DSP

Designing audio features...
Designing audio solutions...

WavelanDSP is a brand of new digital signal processor

We design your DSP, we design your AUDIO SOLUTION

Waveland is a new DSP OEM concept of audio products manufacturers that offers full personalized solutions in the field of digital audio processing. Our engineer team adapts the entire design to the customer specifications. We have 3 generic modules for general purpose applications that can be complemented or modified. We can design frontal panel to allocate all the connections, controls, displays, etc. according to the customer specifications. Our modules can be controlled by the full customizable software, to give a completely unique and different from other clients appearance. Our application/development kit is a full working module with Pascal S-pro amplification. This module has 1 audio input and 2 power output channels and can be integrated directly in a full range active box.


DSP boards... DSP modules


This board is an extension of MINI DSP Plate. The big advantage with this board is the remote operation with Waveland Designer. This board has a powerful MCU unit that allows connecting directly to Waveland Designer for programming or lives operating 2 unbalanced audio inputs.


X MAIN is the most powerful and configurable subfamily. This boards are designed to work with pascal X-PRO power amplifier series. X MAIN series have an integrated MCU with thernet and USB interface that allows live operating.


Display + Encoder is an auxiliary board for Main sub-family. This board is for control the system without a computer. With the rotary encoder with push button, it’s possible to navigate between configuration menus and change presets, modify delay, HPF and change the IP. The display shows all the info.


Audio in board, is an auxiliary board for X MAIN subfamily. This board is necessary for place the audio IN connectors and Ethernet or USB connectors. Only a single bus is needed for connect this board with X MAIN boards. Signal indicator LEDs are placed on this board too.

Download the datasheet for more information



Small audio modules


MINI DSP is the smallest DSP Waveland module. This module is perfect for developers that want to integrate DSP processing in their audio products. With few electronics is possible to obtain a powerful DSP processed audio product.


MINI DSP Burner is the necessary complement for program the MINI DSP family. This board is an interface tool between the software and the hardware. With this board it’s possible to download the firmware, or interact in real time.


This board is perfect for developers that not want to design audio PCB’s. It’s perfect for active speakers with full DSP processing. 4 Preset’s can be selected for change the sound processing in order to adapt the speakers to different situations.


MINI DSP EVM KIT is an evaluation board for MINI DSP. With this board it’s possible for the customer test and evaluate all the functionality of MINI DSP Family. The MINI DSP EVM acts like a little 2x4 audio processor without balanced audio in/out.