MAIN 1.2 - 1.4

This board is an upgrade of MINI DSP Plate. The big advantage with this board is the remote operation with Waveland Designer. This board has a powerful MCU unit that allows connecting directly to Waveland Designer for programming or lives operating. The MCU can manage a display to show some information to the user, the auxiliary board with the display, have an encoder that allows to the user to change some processing functions. Input delay and the amount of different presets are improved.

This board is perfect for developers that not want to design audio PCB’s. It’s perfect for active speakers with full DSP processing. Preset’s can be selected for change the sound processing in order to adapt the speakers to the sound environment. Change between presets can be done using Waveland Designer or the external board Display + Encoder, which allow to a local control. Customers have to define the scheme of the audio signal processing chain and Waveland team will personalize the Waveland Designer Layout. This board is designed for using with Pascal amplifier S-PRO and T-Pro series.

Power supply is provided by Pascal modules, so MAIN Plate only needs a 26 wire bus to communicate with every power amplifier. It’s a very easy to use and easy to integrate with active boxes. With this module it’s possible to integrate 2 Power amplifiers in one 2 Units x 19” rack. It’s a very easy way to create a 4 channel full processed power amplifier, perfect for line array or ground stack passive systems.
This board is in 2 versions:

MAIN 1.2 Plate MAIN 1.4 Plate

Example of two way active box:
The customer send to our team a basic scheme of the audio processing specifications of the product, like this:

Our R&D team transforms these specifications in a fully functional layout to use with Waveland Designer software. The customer can personalize only the appearance of the layout, but the processing structure is fixed.

Detail of EQ preset selection. With this combo box, customer can change between presets to adjust different configurations and program the Mini DSP Plate. When the user change the preset on Waveland Designer the preset is changed on the Main Plate too. On Plate kit, there are 5 LEDs digitally controlled by the DSP. Customer can control SIGNAL AND LIMIT thresholds for adjust the ON/OFF depending on signal level, for indicate signal present and when the limiters are working. The other 3 LEDs, POWER, CLIP and PROTECT are configured by Waveland. Other interesting capability of the Main Plate module is the trim control. On the center position, the inputs have +4dBu sensitivity. For lower signals, user can turn right the trim adjust to increase the sensitivity, up to +20dB. For higher signals, user can turn left the trim adjust to attenuate up to -∞dB The system is protected with an active anticlip system, which prevents digital saturation on AD converters. Anticlip system starts to work when the signal exceeds the input sensitivity. Anticlip operation is indicated by CLIP LED.


• 1 audio input with XLR connector.
• 1 audio thru with XLR connector.
• 1 or 2 Pascal ports for audio amplifier modules.
• 2 unbalanced audio outputs for Pascal S-PRO or T-PRO power amplifiers, on every Pascal port.
• Full DSP audio processing with dynamics processing, EQ and effects.
• Powerful 120MHz Micro controller unit.
• Temperature and signal/clip monitoring on Waveland Designer.
• Remote shut down option, for low consumption.
• 24 bit – 48 KHz audio conversion.
• 28 Bit internal processing.
• Easy integration, only 77x120mm board. Ready to use with active speakers or 2 unit x 19” racks.
• Standalone system.
• More than 50 presets can be stored. It’s possible to change between them using remotely Waveland Designer or the auxiliary Display+Encoder board.
• Signal flow and processing stages are configured by Waveland team following the customer specifications.
• Live operating using WavelandDesigner and a personalized layout to control all the audio processing stages.
• 5 LED’s DSP controlled for show the system status.
• Trim control for input level adjusts.
• External port for Display+Encoder board.


Audio IN Neutrik NC3FAV for audio input.
Audio THRU Neutrik NC3MAV for audio thru for linking.
Pascal Interface 26 pin x 2.54mm double pin strip. Bus for all signals and power supply between Pascal S-PRO and T-PRO series amplifiers and MINI DSP Plate module. For only 1 Pascal amplifier, use Port A. For the secondary amplifier, use port B.
Power Blue Led
Signal Green LEd
Clip Red Led
Limit Red Led
Protect Red Led
Trim Adjust Potentiometer for adjusting input sensitivity. On center position, +4dB input sensitivity.
Ethernet Port RJ45 connector for Ethernet network.
Display port 16 pin x 2.54mm double pin strip. This connector is only for Waveland Display+Encoder board.


Mini DSP Plate is very easy to integrate on speaker’s boxes or 19” racks. In this example, the Main 1.4 Plate is integrated inside a 2 unit x 19” Rack. With very little mechanical design it’s very easy for the customer build a 1 input and 4 power channels amplifier. Using 2 S-PRO2 amplifiers it’s possible to obtain 4 outputs of 500w.

In this example, the MAIN DSP PLATE is integrated with the DISPLAY+ENCODER board in a 3d printed frontal panel. In a small size, both products are integrated, creating a powerful combination perfect for active speakers or full processed power amplifiers. Until two Pascal S-PRO2 modules can be connected to the MAIN PLATE. Example is shown in the photographies below.