MINI DSP is the smallest DSP Waveland module. This module is perfect for developers that want to integrate DSP processing in their audio products. With few electronics is possible to obtain a powerful DSP processed audio product.

This module is stand alone, and only power supply and audio in signals are needed, providing audio out signals to the developer circuit. Waveland MINI DSP is a very small PCB with pin strip interface headers, ready to be installed over the developer audio board. For programming the DSP it’s necessary to use Waveland Burner MINI DSP. This programmer is easy to use with our software Waveland Designer, offering complete capabilities of signal processing and configuration options. Customers have to define the scheme of the audio signal processing chain and Waveland team will personalize the Waveland Designer Layout to allow Mini DSP Burner to control the MINI DSP module.


• 2 audio channel inputs. Configurable to 1 stereo unbalanced signals or 1 mono balanced signal.
• 4 unbalanced audio outputs
• Full DSP audio processing with dynamics processing, EQ and effects.
• 24 bit – 48 KHz audio conversion.
• 28 Bit internal processing.
• Easy integration, only 38x50mm board.
• 9 GPIO with 4 auxiliary ADC.
• Standalone system.
• Different presets can be used through GPIO switches. Maximum number of presets is limited depending on the amount of processing on every preset.
• Signal flow and processing stages are configured by Waveland team following the customer specifications.
• Live operating using Waveland Mini DSP Burner and a personalized layout to control all the audio processing stages.