MINI DSP Burner is the necessary complement for MINI DSP family, except MINI DSP EVM KIT. This board is an interface tool between the software and the hardware, like a programmer. With this board it’s possible to download the firmware to the MINI DSP or to the MINI DSP PLATE, or interact in real time, modifying the parameters of the DSP.

Users can use real time interacting to adjust the audio settings, and when all is done, save all the settings and start to download the firmware to the MINI DSP boards. This board can work as a standalone programmer, for example in manufacturing lines. Waveland Designer software communicates with MINI DSP Burner via Ethernet and download the active layout to the board. Indicator LEDs inform to the user the status of the programming process.


• Ethernet port for connect with Waveland Designer.
• 4 Status LEDs for programing process status indication.
• Standalone programming, without computer. Just connect to a MINI DSP board and download.
• Small Size, only 50mm x 60mm.
• For using with MINI DSP BOARD and MINI DSP PLATE.


For programming the MINI DSP family, only connect the programmer to the MINI DSP board or to the MINI DSP PLATE on the MINI DSP and start to download the firmware. This process can be done with a computer or without a computer, in standalone mode. For connecting to the PC/MAC direct or xover RJ45 cables can be used.