This board is an application of MINI DSP. This board is perfect for developers that not want to design audio PCB’s. It’s perfect for active speakers with full DSP processing. 4 Preset’s can be selected for change the sound processing in order to adapt the speakers to the sound environment. These 4 presets can be programmed by the developer using the Burner MINI DSP board.

Customers have to define the scheme of the audio signal processing chain and Waveland team will personalize the Waveland Designer Layout to allow Mini DSP Burner to control the MINI DSP module. MINI DSP Plate has 4 presets of 8 bans full parametric EQ. The customer can modify every preset EQ for adapt the final product to different situations, for example FLAT, VOICE, LOUDNESS and MONITOR. This board is designed for using with Pascal amplifier S-PRO and T-Pro series. Power supply is provided by Pascal modules, so Mini DSP Plate only needs a 26 wire bus to communicate with the power amplifier. It’s a very easy to use and easy to integrate with 2 way active boxes. On Mini DSP Plate kit, there are 5 LEDs digitally controlled by the DSP. Customer can control SIGNAL AND LIMIT thresholds for adjust the ON/OFF depending on signal level, for indicate signal present and when the limiters are working. The other 3 LEDs, POWER, CLIP and PROTECT are configured by Waveland. Other interesting capability of the Mini DSP Plate module is the trim control. On the center position, the inputs have +4dBu sensitivity. For lower signals, user can turn right the trim adjust to increase the sensitivity, up to +20dB. For higher signals, user can turn left the trim adjust to attenuate up to -∞dB The system is protected with an active anticlip system, which prevents digital saturation on AD converters. Anticlip system starts to work when the signal exceeds the input sensitivity. Anticlip operation is indicated by CLIP LED.


• 1 Audio input with XLR connector.
• 1 Audio thru with XLR connector.
• 1 Pascal port for audio amplifier modules.
• 2 unbalanced audio outputs for Pascal S-PRO or T-PRO power amplifiers.
• Full DSP audio processing with dynamics processing, EQ and effects.
• 24 bit – 48 KHz audio conversion.
• 28 Bit internal processing.
• Easy integration, only 63x80mm board.
• Ready to use with active speakers.
• Standalone system.
• 4 Different EQ presets can be used through rotary switch.
• Signal flow and processing stages are configured by Waveland team following the customer specifications.
q • Live operating using Waveland Mini DSP Burner and a personalized layout to control all the audio processing stages.
• 5 LED’s DSP controlled for show the system status.
• Trim control for input level adjusts.

MINI DSP Plate parts:

Part Description
Audio IN Neutrik NC3FAV for audio input.
Audio THRU Neutrik NC3MAV for audio thru for linking.
Pascal Interface 26 pin x 2.54 mm double pin strip.
Power Blue Led
Clip Red Led
Limit Red Led
Protect Red Led
Trim Adjust Potentiometer for adjusting input sensitivity. On center position, +4dB input sensitivity.
Preset Switch Rotatory 4 positions switch for change EQ configuration.
Programing connector 6 pin x 2.54mm double pin strip. This connector is only for Waveland Mini DSP Burner.