The aplication Kit can be the best solution to transform a normal speaker in a fully adaptable speaker, being controled by ethernet and changing the features in live to adapt the signal for every transducers.

Every module made and designed by Waveland is evaluated and designed by our engineers, checking and analizing the possibilities for create the best solution for every customer and product.

Depending the study made for the speaker or cabinet, we can bring you different possibilities to develop your normal device with a fully adaptable speaker, which can be controlled by ethernet, and thanks to our software is possible adjust it in live, all the parameters for the best quality of sound. The Waveland Designer is the software able to control every solution created by us. Totally customizable depending the need of every customer.


WAVELAND has different models of amplification modules, that integrates every of our design to be adaptable in different devices. We had been working with Pascal. Our application/development kit is a full working module with Pascal S-pro amplification. This module has 1 audio input and 2 power output channels and can be integrated directly in a full range active box.


Small audio modules


MINI DSP is the smallest DSP Waveland module. This module is perfect for developers that want to integrate DSP processing in their audio products. With few electronics is possible to obtain a powerful DSP processed audio product.


MINI DSP Burner is the necessary complement for program the MINI DSP family. This board is an interface tool between the software and the hardware. With this board it’s possible to download the firmware, or interact in real time.


This board is perfect for developers that not want to design audio PCB’s. It’s perfect for active speakers with full DSP processing. 4 Preset’s can be selected for change the sound processing in order to adapt the speakers to different situations.


MINI DSP EVM KIT is an evaluation board for MINI DSP. With this board it’s possible for the customer test and evaluate all the functionality of MINI DSP Family. The MINI DSP EVM acts like a little 2x4 audio processor without balanced audio in/out.